My name is Jessica Lee, commonly addressed as Miss Je or MJ by my students.

This is my personal blog, basically about my life as an English teacher in a non-English speaking country. I also share a streak of beauty and fashion sense, much to my other-half dismay, because it hides my “hugantic super-inhuman brain”, he says. He exaggerates. But please don’t tell him I choose to tell this to The Whole Wide World, instead of him XD


Sadly, I cannot offer you advice on teaching, that’s yet to be mastered. But anyway, I’d like to share a piece of my daily life as a teacher who struggles to keep her heeled pump shoes in tact when wiping clean elementary kids and thinking about Sun Tzu’s The Art of War in her mind while daydreaming she could lead a life as a free gypsy roaming in the middle of African Savannah (minus the lions, of course).



So, welcome and  I hope you have a good read!

~ MJ

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