Visit Indonesia 2015!

Because why NOT?

That was what my grade 5 students made last year. A kind of poster after their inspirational teacher *cough* saw a Visit America banner published by travelling agencies. And thaaatt inspirational teacher was thinking, “Hey! I’d like to have this in my class for a change. So one of my students who loves drawing so much , and other creative type can showcase their talents! Besides, it’s gonna suit my lesson plan and my feet could have some rest from always standing straight for a while.” (Yes, we, teachers are all super hero in that kind of sense!) So that inspirational teacher *double cough* decided to make a Visit Indonesia 2015 Poster, mainly because she just arrived from travelling to Banyuwangi and she really wanted her students to know and love amazing hidden places in Indonesia. I know what they did was elementary, Watson. Nevertheless, they are still elementary students. I, however, find their works are good enough. Besides, the main point is: they get to know more amazing places in Indonesia. So instead of spending so much money just to take pictures in front of Sea-lion hybrid statue and purchase 50% off Giordano clothes, next time their families decide to travel during holiday, why not having fun in…well, Sempu Island? So, here’s their result… Act (60) Then, of course, what is result without process? Just like Edison said, “Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety nine percent perspiration.”

Act (52)[I don’t know what’s happening here but LOOK! They are drawing maps!] Continue reading