Hullo Readers!

I just received awesome news from one of my dearest friend whose face is often featured in this blog that there’s a possibility our next trip might be: BROMO!

Mount Bromo. Source: Wikipedia commons.

Mount Bromo. Source: Wikipedia commons.

Bromo is a famous mountain in East Java. It would be a shame if Eastern Javenese never visits it. In other words, I’m shameful. I know, I know.. No need to point fingers, folks. A couple of days ago I was talking with the other-half that I reeeaaally want to see Mount Bromo. The other half has visited Mt. Bromo for like three times. There. I see your finger. Then surprisingly, on the very next day, my friend asked me if I’d like to join the next trip to Mt. Bromo.

We usually calculate the costs and everything, such as how many people we can gather, lodgings, food, and time allotment. The trip itself is scheduled in May and I really hope that the destination is still Mt. Bromo. Because you see, last year we went to Mount Ijen – famous for its sulfur mines and Blue Fire (I think I’ll post my trip to Ijen next). Well, long story short, I could not stand Ijen low temperature but my dear friend wanted to re-visit it again because she wasn’t able to see the Blue Fire at that time. So, depending on the result of our meeting, we could go to either Mt. Bromo or re-visit Mt. Ijen.

I do hope it’s Bromo. Pretty, pretty please?


Introduction to MBTI

MBTI Cognitive Functions

MBTI Cognitive Functions Diagrams by Jake Beech. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Now, after a lame introduction about myself that God knows who will read it, the first thing I want to talk about is…. *drum-roll*… MBTI. 

In Indonesia, MBTI or Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, is not so much widely spread or even known to High School students, or, well scholars. Only those Psychology Faculty students, maybe, know about it. And some geeks. Like me. The MBTI itself is still being debated on its, err…. empirical nature. Last time I checked here, it was a theory proposed by Jung and later developed further by Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter, Isabel Briggs Myers. Hence the name, Myers-Briggs.

A friend of mine once argued that typing personality cannot be fixed Continue reading