And the result was 76

Hullo Readers!

So, after a long no-post, I decided days ago to revive this old blog, thanks to Forever Amber here. And being a sanguine, only Heaven knows how long I can stay on track without going “Oh! Hey a butterfly”. I should be typed as ENFP and not an ENTJ. Sorry, fellow ENTJS, I’m such a shame to your pack.

And my first post would be no other than *drumroll*, My top 9th grade student got 7.6 for her National Exam Try-Out!


As if not being consistent as ENTJ is not such a shame, and now there is 7.6 as the highest score for English try-out. So you see, Indonesia – my oh-so-beloved-country, always holds National Exam to err, well, test the standard of education across the country, even so far in the heart of Papua. Yes! Papua, a place where “mengambil air so dekat“. NO. It’s not. Thus, in the fear of not passing the exam, all schools work together with various Educational Institutions such as Primagama, Ganesha Operation and stuff to have Try-Out test. The purpose: to humiliate me. Because I don’t actually see what else. Ha-ha. Not funny, I know. Back to the Try-Out thing, it was purposely made so difficult that when the students actually do National Exams, all of them will surprisingly pass. YAY! Fireworks!

For some background, Indonesia has nine years of compulsory education : six years in Elementary School in which the students only have Maths, Bahasa Indonesia and Science for their National Exams, and three years in Junior High in which the students have Maths, Bahasa Indonesia, Science consists of Physics, Biology and Chemistry, and English. And if you’re Indonesian but you don’t pass Junior High education level, you are DOOMED. Doomed as in going to become pedicab driver for the rest of your life and not be able to read my blog. Poor thing. Well, yes and no. Recently, it is rumoured that employers do not accept Elementary school graduates. But it doesn’t mean that you are going to suffer for the rest of your life if you don’t graduate from Junior High. Universe is not that cruel, I think.

Reeeesuming, the Try-out result, my top students only scored 7.6 The standard score is actually around 5.5.  On top of that, most of my students fall on 7, 6, and 5. Yes! Yes! I know. It’s meant to be more difficult. And Yes! Yes! It’s just a Try-out test. But, my dear readers, we are talking about me. And for someone who’s got a tiiiinnyyyy bit megalomania issue which apparently I inherit from being ENTJ (it’s like DNA, you know), I feel depressed.

I am such a failure.

I fail my students. And for the first time in forever, I feel like a human being.


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